Shyamalan Removes “Pi” Name Title

“Lady In The Water” director M Night Shyamalan admits he considered taking his name off the credits for next film “Life Of Pi” to stop negative reviews reports UK Teletext.

The director has received criticism for his latest film and said: “I really thought Life Of Pi might benefit if I took my name off of it. People think, ‘Oh, he’s the scary guy’ and put me in a box. Then when it’s not scary the film gets criticised.”

He added “I’m struggling to deal with that stuff. The Sixth Sense was a scary movie, then Unbreakable was a ‘mistake’ because it wasn’t scary. I guess I have a naive attitude but I want some movies to be different, and not be too boxed”.

“Life of Pi” is based on the 2002 Booker prize-winning novel by Yann Martel and follows Piscine Molitor Patel, an Indian boy from Pondicherry, who explores the issues of religion and spirituality from an early age and survives 227 days shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. I'm sorry that the world is filled with such close minded people that you would have to do such a thing Mr. Shyamalan. :angry:

  2. Thats really a noble thing to do, but he shouldnt have to do such things…I wish people would stop labelling him

  3. For a while it became quite unclear who was doing what with that movie. This is how I thought it went down:
    When Night stepped down from Directing, he stayed on as Producer and Writer.
    Alfonso Cuar�n was now attached to Direct.
    When Cuar�n left the project, Jean-Pierre Jeunet stepped in as Director, and brought in his long-time partner to help write the screenplay. Night was out as a writer, but seemingly still attached as a producer.

  4. I think I read somewhere that Mel Brooks removed his name from The Elephant Man because he was afraid people wouldn't take it seriosuly.

  5. awww, poor night, don't listen to the critics,I mean Miami Vice is getting better reviews than Lady in the water, I mean seriously WTF, am I the only the only one who likes Lady in the water. And peole got to stop labeling him as the guy that made creepy movies because he is so much better than that. Well that's just my opinoin anyway.

  6. What is LIFE OF PI about anyways? And also I am so pissed on these people and sorry about that m.Night, we are not among those buddy. We are your die-hard fans forever.


  7. Now I know what LIFE OF PI about, just want to know this for sure that is M.Night really making it as an director? If so, I will be so Excited…I will throw a party I am serious lol..


  8. Why should he have to do that? If people have preconceived ideas that all Night's movies are scary, then that's they're problem and not his. So he is doing Life of Pi?

  9. :angry:

    It's a shame to drop out of something in which you want to be involved in and something that is so personal. “Lady in the Water” is the best film I have ever seen in my life and from Night's career and him dropping out of a film that he has put so much effort into because of bad reviews is a shame! Night is a genius and gives us so much in his films!

  10. i don't know what these guys are thinking. I have yet to find one “real” person who does not like LITW. It is an awesome movie. The fact that Night is misunderstood by the critics is a testament to how great this director really is. Whatever he does, you know it will be good, with or without his name on it.

  11. :smile:Lady in water was great and so were all Night's movies, they are different and hard to digest for the mainstream cows…..KEEP it up night

  12. LADY IN THE WATER is masterpiece and very original and in fact the most original film/plot I have seen today and heard today.

    So M.night isn't doing LIFE OF PI?


  13. The problem with what's happening with Night's mvies is that they keep releasing them as scary films. I've said a lot lately that his preview people make great trailers for movies that aren't his. If Night wants to stop being seen as a scary guy, then he need to guide the advertisement away from that. I mean watch the teaser for Lady In The Water, that is a great preview for this story. I'm pretty much obsessed with Night, but Lady kinda fell flat with me, sadly. I'm gonna try and watch it again this week and see if time and a another viewing helps. I want to love it.

  14. You guys have to remember that these critisisms are coming from people who don't understand Night. It's difficult for someone who is good at only one thing (or nothing) to comprehend someone like Night who is brilliant on so many different levels. I pity them their short-sightedness. If they would open their mind for one moment and stop viewing his work with preconceived ideas of who he is and what he does, they would leave the theatre each time, as I do, astounded and amazed and thankful that such a person exist. He can't be labeled. He can't be boxed. So please stop trying to. Accept him for what he is. A breath of fresh air and fresh ideas each one different than the one before. A welcome lifeboat in a sea of remakes and cookie-cutter movies. He's the most original film writer in the business. Give credit where credit is due. If he's involved at all. His name should be on the credits. To hell with the critics.

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