Official M. Night Shyamalan Website Opens

It’s been a long wait for the website to finally open, but I got an e-mail today that it’s finally online!  The official website of our favorite director: M. Night Shyamalan!

Visit M. Night Shyamalan’s Official Website!

It’s also the first time I’ve heard anything about the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation.

Visit the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation Website!


  1. This has to be the most over-the-top website I have ever seen in my life. Any website that gives you directions on how to navigate through it is a no-no in my book. Is there any actual content on this site or can you just jump from room to room? I couldn't find any so any help would be appreciated.

  2. I think it's just an absolutely tremendous website – clearly Night has put a lot of time and effort into it. He obviously cares a great deal about his craft and wants to have input in everything, not just milk the cash cow. Just really creative and different; so superior to the general design layout and hyperlinks that come with most celebrity websites. Well worth the wait, thank you Night. Seeing the trailer and now finding this, has made it an awesome day!

  3. A very cool sight. It took a while to find everything though, but it was neat to get to know a little bit more about Night.

  4. Hey Greg. The interesting thing about this website is that you have to know the movies to get around in the different sections. For instance.. on the Sixth Sense doorway, move the thermostat down to cold as far as you can. It’ll trigger the doornob and let you in. From there, you will be able to click around on things and learn really interesting facts from Night himself!

  5. Wow! I gotta say that website is very interactive and I had a fun time with it! Can't wait to see what's in the attic, I couldn't figure out what to do after you type in your cell #… Does anyone know what the code is?

  6. OK so i just spent 15-20 exploring the site and i stand by my original comment. it's far too difficult to get to content. there should definitely be an html version of the site. that being said, i too enjoyed learning more about night and his films.

  7. Sweet! Been a long time waiting on this site… what? like 1.5 years, right? Looove the downloadable wallpapers!

  8. I tried M. Night's new site, but had trouble moving around, so I can't contact him. Does anyone here know his email?

  9. for anyone having problems navigating, there are small bullet point at the bottom of the screen (on a red line) Click on those points and they will take you to the entrance of each door. i love the site.

  10. LOVE the new website! But I also can not enter the attic. Apparently it says “coming soon” so it´s not ready yet. I also can not download the wallpapers. Anyone would be so kind as to send me the wallpapers in the smallest format? I would GREATLY appreciate it!

  11. i love the website but i got a another anime series and it is called BLEACH, NARUTO, and kekkasishi they are pg-14 and i was ask if you could look at it and see what you think. i saw one of you videos i saw that you are looking for a nother anime series to make a movie and just telling you to look at them.

  12. I love M.Night i’m a huge fan and this website’s got everything a true fan would want to know!!Nice!!

  13. Please continue The Avatar The Last Airbender Series….Its Most Important to the World….Our World….PLEASE

  14. Dear Mr. Shyamalan,
    I am from Bangladesh. I am only 14 years old. I am a great fan of The Last Airbender Movie. I am inspired by the last airbender movie and anime. I have written a superhero story of my own. I want show you some chapters of it. I hope you will like it and do something for it.

    Blade Boy

    Chapter One: The Beginning
    New York, U.S.A.
    Jackson Street
    Maclean “Mac” Hunt lives here with his family. He has very loving parents. His dad is a “BIO-Genetic” Scientist in a famous corporation named “BIO-Intelligence Corp.”. His name is Dr. Mike Hunt. Mac’s mom is the main professor of U.S.A.’s most renowned university named “University of IT & Science”. Her name is Prof. Mrs. Flora Hunt. Mac has two young little sisters. The middle one is Sandy Hunt and the younger one is Alice Hunt. From the time of his birth, Mac has been living and staying with the touch of Modern Science and Technology. He is in Standard Eight of “St. Peter’s High School”. He is 12 years old. He has a daily routine. Every day he wakes up from bed, brushes his teeth, takes a shower, takes breakfast, goes to school, comes home, takes lunch, operates computer, goes to play in the field, comes home, takes small snacks, sits to study, helps his father in Science work, takes dinner and then goes to sleep. He leads a very simple life with his family. Sometimes he goes to his father’s workplace to meet the other scientists and watch their work. In his father’s workplace, he has made a friend. He is another scientist. His name is Dr. Fred Strom. Mac thinks him as his best friend.

    Chapter Two: The Scientist’s Invention
    Dr. Fred is a “BIO-Genetic” Scientist. He is Mac’s best friend. He is working in an insubordinate and special project. Only Mac and his dad know that. Dr. Fred is trying to invent a blue-colored chemical, which can sustain the power and ability of anything. If the chemical sustains anything and is touched by anything such as: tree or animal or human, they will get the possible sustained power and ability. After working for two years, he was able to make the chemical with temporary effects. But this year, Mac tells him that he can use the NANO molecules for his experiment. Dr. Fred thinks about it and realizes that, NANO molecules can be used for the experiment. After three months’ successful experiment, Dr. Fred invents the chemical. Dr. Fred gives it a name. He names it “XYLEN”. It is like an anti-virus. While inventing “XYLEN”, Dr. Fred knowingly invents another red-colored chemical. He names it “Chimero”. But he isn’t aware that, “Chimero” is the virus against the anti-virus “XYLEN”. Both of the potions are very powerful. But, “XYLEN” is most powerful. Dr. Fred’s motive is to use the formula for humans. The people, who are mentally ill, can be cured by “XYLEN”. The people, who are blind or deaf or lame or dumb, can see or hear or walk or talk by the power of “XYLEN”. “XYLEN” can be used mainly for autistic children or people. They can do anything like an ordinary man by the power of “XYLEN”. It is very useful for them.

    Chapter Three: The Test
    Dr. Fred wants to test the blue-colored chemical. So, he and Mac go to the test room situated in Mac’s father’s workplace. Dr. Fred knows about the work of “XYLEN”, but Mac doesn’t. He wants to show Mac, the work “XYLEN” during the test. Dr. Fred has made some technology-featured blades with attacking and defending features. He is going to use the blades for the test. Dr. Fred spreads some “XYLEN” in a white board. Then he throws a blade targeting the white board. The blade pierces the white board into two pieces. A little bit “XYLEN” spreads over the blade while piercing the white board. Dr. Fred goes to the storeroom to get another white board while Mac goes to get the used blade. He picks up the blade. But one of his fingers cuts a little bit by the blade, where “XYLEN” is spread. So, the blue-colored chemical mixes with Mac’s blood. But, Mac immediately washes the blood in his finger and also in the blade with a handkerchief. As the power of the blade had been sustained with “XYLEN”, it was then having the power of the blade. But when the blue-colored chemical mixes with Mac’s blood, the power of the technology-featured blade launches into Mac’s body. Mac always takes care for his body and mind. That’s’ why, His body structure and anti-body is so strong that the power of the blade has permanently launched in Mac’s body. The power will not come out from Mac’s body. The power has created a bond between Mac’s body, especially with nerves, gene, brain, hands, muscles and bones. That means, Mac has unknowing got a new power. While he is washing his finger and the blade with the handkerchief, Dr. Fred is coming back with a new white board. Dr. Fred accidently drops the table where the bottle of “XYLEN” is kept. Thus the table falls and the bottle of “XYLEN” fall’s with it and breaks. Meanwhile, an evil scientist working with Dr. Fred, named Dr. Davian Franco, goes to Dr. Fred’s room to steal a very important file. While he is searching for the file, he sees a bottle of red apple juice. He has been very thirsty because he didn’t drink water for many hours in the office. So, he drinks the red juice. After drinking the whole bottle of the red juice, he feels dizzy. Because, he has unknowingly drunk the bottle of “Chimero”. So, he feels dizzy and gets out of Dr. Fred’s room. Dr. Fred is feeling sad because he has lost “XYLEN”. Mac also becomes sad and goes home. Dr. Fred sadly enters his room. He sees that the bottle of “Chimero” is empty. He becomes very upset and tears the paper of formula.

    These are the three chapters of Blade Boy. This is my own written story.

    I also want to know about your The Last Airbender 2 Movie Project. I want to know about it’s production work and release date. Kindly read my comment please, though I am not writing a comment, I am only showing you my story. I will always wait for your answer.

  15. You may enjoy the “Black Company” novels by Glenn Cook. They are slightly dark with a dash of cynicism. The author cleverly uses twisted plot outcomes to shed the genres cliches. The main character “Croaker” reminds me of Michael Shanks.

  16. Dear Mr. Shyamalan,
    I loved the Movie the Last Airbender. I wish that you keep moving and create the other movies as well. Remember to never give up no matter what.

  17. I don’t even understand the website. What is it even supposed to be? To me, it seems like a cheap computer game. What are you supposed to do? Go around the spooky house and look at the scenery? Let me know what I’m supposed to do there, please.

    • You have to click around on things to solve puzzles and you unlock a ton of hidden content.

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