ShoWest: Lady in the Water 10 min Clip

KJ sent me an e-mail saying that one of his writers, Arsi, “asked me tosend you some information in hopes that you would be willing to alertyour readers. He is currently attending ShoWest and was able to get anexclusive look at a 10 min clip of Lady in the Water.”

Here’s how the article starts:

Another email from Arsi, this time about Lady in the Water.

We were greeted with a 10 minute scene from Lady in the Water. It wasn’t a montage of clips but an entire 10 minute sequence. Before it started, M Night told us his inspiration. As he is getting old, reality is setting in more and more and he doesn’t like it. He loves the idea of magic and he came up with the story for Lady in the Water while he was telling this entire story to his kids as a bedtime story. It essentially is a story about him, a grown man who is rediscovering his childhood and some weird things start happening around him.



  1. That is cool. I did not read the description of the scene, but I am excited that he was confident enough to show such a long clip of the movie this early before its release. I wish it was July right now!!

  2. I read the description of the scene and imagined how it could be and must tell you that the movie looks really eerie and touching at the same time. And all this in a 10 min sequence. Just can't wait to watch Lady in the water.

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