The Happening Trailer NOT* Attached to AVP2

*UPDATE: Looks as if this was just a rumor that grew out of control.


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We just got an e-mail from Nick Sanford pointing us in the direction of Buzz Rock Radio’s The Happening Movie Blog.

Nick says: Apparently what they say about the trailer there is true. I hope so, anyways. Just thought you’d be interested. Merry Christmas.

From the Happening Movie Blog: Reports are hitting the net that some theaters have cardboard displays up in the lobby’s for The Happening. If you see any of these please try to get a photo and e-mail it to us. Also it looks like the report we brought you a few weeks ago is true that The Happening trailer is placed right before Alien Vs. Predator 2.

We’ll try to get the trailer up on our YouTube channel as soon as we possibly can, if it hits the web this week.  If you happen to see a display up, send a picture our way.

If you see the trailer, please send us a description.

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  1. This is exciting! I'm going to claim one of those carboard displays ASAP! I wonder what the trailer will show us since it's only a teaser…

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