G4TV: “Do M. Night’s Movies Suck?” Today

Be sure to watch G4TV’s Attack of the Show tonight!  And if you’re visiting because you just heard about us on Attack of the Show, welcome to the site!  I hope that you enjoy the site.  I’ve put a lot of hard work into it, and there’s still more great content to come!

From the blog:

Either way, I think we can all agree that the ending of Signs really sucked. (I think the ending was just fine, fyi.)

On tonight’s Loop, [G4tv’s film critic] Chris Gore will be joined by Maitland McDonagh, Senior Movies Editor at TV Guide and Teddy Blass, contributor to MNightFans.com to discuss the mystique of M. Night Shyamalan.

Is he a hack or a hero? Hear what the experts have to say tonight live at 7PM.

[Here’s the story on Attack of the Blog]


  1. Wow, not really sure they gave our guy a fair chance, he maybe got to speak twice. Basically just a big bash fest. I can honestly say I don't care what the film critics say. Night's movies are NOT about the big twist. They are STORIES! Wonderful beautifully orchestrated stories that leave viewers humble enought to listen to them and not fill themselves with their own egos, starry eyed and mystified. I give Teddy credit for going on and giving himself to defend Night's case, but I don't really think we need to. Its not about the money, its about the experience we all have in the theatre. The one we know we all get when we let these stories unfold.

  2. I really am beginning to wonder; would all this controversy be here if not for that Bamberger book?

  3. That female was getting on my nerves. And they didn't even give you much of a chance to defend. Thanks for trying though.

    If people don't like to watch his films in the first place, then why do they? And why do they feel the need to attack around every corner?

    Without the book, I think the controversy would still be there, though probably not to this extent.

    In my opinion, I think that most people who see his films and enjoy them to their fullest are those who do not expect a “twist” ending. When you drop that expectation, then you are able to see his films for what they are. Beautiful pieces of art.


  4. Yah. Well that was intersting y'all. I tried my best. Chris Gore's views were supposed to be in the middle, but turned negative pretty quick, which was a little off setting. Then my ear piece wigged out while I was talking!! Ahh anyways, Welcome to any new members! This is a safe haven for M. Night fans!

  5. Hey guys….who cares wht the critics think…..let's jst do our part as loyal fans….be ther 'morrow for the movie.

    Once gud box office numbers come in….they will eat their own words.

    Even if they don't…..we will live to fight another day.


  6. Yep, chins up everybody. We know whats what. If that old hag needs to see the movies just because her friends want her to, she needs real friends.

  7. I'm going to see the 1st showing tomorrow morning since I gotta work the rest of the day.

    So all I want to say is enjoy the show everyone, and I look forward to talking about it with you all.

  8. Can't wait, i totally dismiss what reviewers are saying all over the net. MN didnt make the films for them he made it for us who know and understand that what he showing you on the big screen is only half of what he's presenting..

  9. They are trying to shut him out for a reason…

    “Where large sums of money are concerned it is advisable to trust nobody.”

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