The Happening Friday Box-Office Estimates are in! has posted the industry daily box-office estimates for Friday, June 13th… and The Happening is performing well above analysts’ predictions! Estimates place the opening day box-office take for Shyamalan’s newest thriller at $12,800,000. If the box-office take follows its typical patterns, The Happening should have a weekend total of over $30,000,000 – making it Shyamalan’s third biggest opening ever, and placing it well over insider predictions of $25 million dollars.


  1. 🙁
    Just saw this film. Where was the twist ending? Wasted my money and time on seeing this film.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of Night, I mean seriously, like a HUGEEE fan! But I felt let down by this film. It was like he freaked after Lady (even thought it was a beautiful film!) and made something that the average person would like, but the average person didnt like it, and his fans felt betrayed. Also, he cut out WAY to much. I know he wanted it to be as short as the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers, only 90 minutes, but he forgot that one of his major talents is in the pacing he allows during each scene, and how he allows enough time for the scene to evolve in the audiences head. Man, I was SO looking forward to this film too, like, way back since it was the Green Effect and The Green Planet.

    Im sorry if anybody else disagrees. I still LOVE him as a filmmaker, I just think he needs to take some time off and forget about the public and just return to who he is. Maybe he will come up with a great idea during the shooting of Avatar and let it evolve over time like who should let it.

  3. Wow that is great news. I loved the movie too and i think it is one of his best.

  4. Iam on the message board. Unless you hate m night dont go on there. It filled with a bunch of overly opinionated rude people.

  5. I am so sick of people complaining about this movie. My Mom, Dad and sister went with me to see it and they went on a criticizing spree after it was over. It really hurt me because I love M. Night so much. I took it offensively. Very much. I don't listen to critics. I loved this film. I will always love M. Night's work. Everyone that hated it just got him a #2 spot in the Box Office. I'm happy for M. Night. Oh and I never go on boards. That's all people do on there is complain.

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